If you want to invest in a vehicle lift, but there is no space for storing and Tavarish money for buying, the option of QuickJack may be ideal because it will offer you 90% of the lifting capacity. That’s why I write this quickjack review to give you the detailed information.

What is QuickJack?

QuickJack car lift system is a portable automotive lifting system which you can use anywhere from the track to the garage. Unlike the traditional jack and ramp, its function is to lift your vehicle in the air quickly and safely.

The operation

How to operate this model is very simple. You just need to push the button and wait until everything is already. Whether you are a professional person or beginner, you can do it quickly. Pay attention to position the platforms under your car, and line up the rubber pads, finally, push the button and wait. You can do your work when all locks are in place.

Another explanation is to get the vehicle up on four jack stands at the maximum of lifting height. The QuicJack supports you to expand the substantial space underneath the car for standing and completing the automotive work.

How many varieties are there?

Base on the weight capacity, there are three basic varieties of QuickJack. The BL-3500SLX is the cheapest and smallest one which comes with 3500lbs. Meanwhile, BL-5000SLX and BL-7000SLX with bigger size are more expensive which are 5000lbs and 7000lbs respectively. You may be interested in this information that recently they also allow pre-ordering BL-7000EXT and BL-5000EXT. Compared to the standard models these are longer 6′ of the lifting spread.

Besides, the manufacturer also provides their customers some accessories and options. Depend on the demands the power unit option is divided into 4 kinds: 240v AC 50hz, 208-230v AC (50-60hz), 110v AC, and 12v DC. Other products which you can find out include motorcycle adapter, pinch-weld lift blocks, SUV, and Truck lift-adapters.

What does a package of QuickJack include?

First of all, you need to know what you will get when buying this product. A package includes 3 boxes (2 heavy ones). And in these boxes, there are 2 main lifting ramps, handles (used to move the ramps on the ground), one small set of lifting block, and one big set of lifting block, hydraulic hoses, the DC pump, a multitude of connectors and accessories, spare wheels for the ramps and a few thread tapes. As a bonus, it is attached to the instruction to show you how to install these things together.

Keep in mind that investing in some types of hydraulic fluids is a must for filling in the power unit. Any 25-quart hydraulic oil and ATF can work well this task, but I highly recommend Mobil-1 Synthetic ATF.

How to assemble and use

The assembling process takes you about 1.5 hours. What you have to do is to set up the fittings, fill the motor, bleed the system, pressurize the air cylinders, and lube all joints of the lift frames. After everything is completely assembled, you can use it to lift your car:

Doing that is effortless. First of all, park your car on the flat ground and make sure the room underneath is safe enough so that you don’t cause any damages while lifting. For example, it’s not good to lift in the coolant pipes of Fiero. If you are not sure where to lift, just read the manuals to know the indicated lift points. Take a look at these considerations: frame rail, the pinch welds on the right inside.

When you have had the choice in your mind, let you slide the lifting frame on all sides then choose the lifting block. Don’t forget to power up the power unit and hook up the hydraulic hoses which come with an excellent drip-resistant connection. Now, your task is only to press the “up” button and wait until everything is completely lifted to the desired lift points.

Remember to lock 2 points of the lift frames so that you can work underneath securely and safely. If you want to set your mind at rest, just lift your car high enough as long as the tires get off the ground but this may lead to uncomfortableness when working under the vehicle. Another lock is at the highest lifting point about 20” (depend on block configuration, this number can change).

After having a desired height, you should check whether or not the locking bars are secure in place. Like with hydraulic jacks, it’s safe to use a mechanical locking mechanism over a hydraulic model. After finishing, you can spend hours under your car to work safely and comfortably.

It’s not difficult to lower your car. What you have to do is just press the “up” button and wait for the tension of the locking bars then flip the cams on their end to press the “down” button. Your car will drop slowly and steadily until it comes back the flat ground. At this time, you just need to pull the QuickJack out.

The disadvantages and how to overcome

Any issues have 2 active and negative sides. Thus, apart from the advantages, you should take a look at its disadvantages:

  • Wheels are the first one. There are 2 wheels at each lift frame, but all are small and hard-plastic. Therefore, it’s hard to move the frame around especially without your carefulness, one of the wheels can be caught on a little rock, leading to damage. So it’s best to keep your working environment free of debris.
  • My second problem with this model is that it isn’t designed a right place for gripping and carrying. If you are not careful, it’s straightforward to be pinched your fingers between the frames even your toes are also in danger when it drops.

However, don’t worry because any problem has their solutions. To move the frames around quickly, you can try the combination of a solid metal roller wheel and some metal handles. Meanwhile, if you want to carry the frames, remember to ask the help from your friends.

When searching on the Internet, I find out other issues which I haven’t experienced, but you may meet in the future such as leaky fittings, and pumps failing especially lift frames don’t drop at the same rates. Naturally, over time, the manufacturer has fixed some issues to improve their product as well as possible.

If your vehicle needs to be dropped the powertrain from underneath, it’s not good due to the clear limitations. With a QuickJack, you can change tires, oil and transmission fluid as well as brake, and suspension easily.

The final word

In sum, if your garage doesn’t have enough space to store a full-size lift, the cheap and portable QuickJack will allow you to work most of the tasks related to your car quickly and safely. Moreover, when you don’t use, hanging it helps you save a large storage space on the floor.