The word automotive shall be relatively new to you if you have been using the word automobile all your life. Automotive is nothing more different than an automobile. In simple terms, what an automobile does is expressed as automotive. These motors that are automotive are probably known as automobiles. But it doesn’t end there. There are a lot of things that you have to know about the automotive industry. So let us dig deeper.

Automobile vs. Automotive:

Though we have given an explanation, in the beginning, we still feel that it is not convincing enough to help you understand it right. Automobile and automotive are not variants of each other. This is the first thing that you have to understand. That is why we have largely defined it has two major industries, the automobile industry, and the automotive industry. However, there is no more calling it the automobile industry, and it will be called the automotive industry.

So automotive industry comprises the group of companies that design, develop, manufacture and sell the motors. These people are also recognized as automakers. So to keep it precise, the process is called automotive, and the result of the process is the production of an automobile. This is the first thing that you have to understand. It would be better if people stop using the terms interchangeably. Any product that is produced first hand belongs to this industry. They do not get themselves linked to the maintenance sector, and that is why the Automobile repair shops and fueling stations are not included here.

Automotive design:

There is a special wing that takes care of the design of the automobiles, and that is what you define as automotive design. It is the process of designing the appearance of the automobile and the way in which something has to appear. When it comes to designing an automobile, three major things are involved here. The exterior design, the interior design and the trim and color design. With the growth of more technology and innovation, lucky for us that even graphic designing is a part of the automotive design.

It is, in fact, the designing team that takes care of the internal features as well and that is where an auto engineer comes in. He is someone who knows how to handle it technically and also make sure that the appearance is fashionable. Your cars do not need fashion designers they need engineers to get it right. There is a specific specialization here, and that is called auto-engineering.

Role of technology in the automotive industry:

The automotive industry on the global forum is changing its landscape every single day, and the industries have to complete along with them. Countries are coming up with new and challenging tasks, and they are definitely keeping their global competitors under threat. This is one industry that has proven to develop and grow every single day.